Sunday, October 07, 2007

Johnville Bog & Forest Park

We went walking at Johnville Bog & Forest Park today... it was a little chilly, but very sunny and a nice day to be outdoors. It was a really interesting place to visit.

Here's more information: Johnville Bog & Forest Park

This wooden walkway leads through most of the park:
forked path

Some birch trees on the outer edge of the bog:
birch trees

Trees growing in the bog:

The bog was surprisingly colorful in some places:

Pine trees are one of few species that can tolerate the low pH here:
bog pines

There's not a lot of wildlife in the bog... mostly insects:

In places, it looked almost surreal:
bog trail

A mushroom that looks like a fingernail :)
mushroom tree

A tree being pulled down into the bog:
mossy tree

It was a beautiful day for a nature hike:
autumn sky

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