Monday, September 12, 2005

Petrified Sea Gardens - other shots

Petrified Sea Gardens

Glacial potholes - waterfalls of melt-water would pouroff the slow-moving glaciers and wear holes in the layer of rock... smaller pieces of rock helped the process, but sometimes a large boulder would be wedged in the stream of water and be worn smooth while making the hole rounder.

Solution channels - The crevices in the fossil reef are what led to its discovery in 1923 when a grazing cow fell and got stuck in one.

These crevices are the result of melting glaciers. Rushing melt-water would seek the path of least resistance and follow cracks in the rock, widening them over time.

This stone 'lion' was created from a large piece of fossilized rock in the 1920's.

A sundial and a frog from the Time Garden and Lily Pond.

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